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Six top tips for choosing the right Process Mining implementation partner

Abstract: Organisations are rapidly adopting Process Mining as a powerful tool for optimising their operations, driving down costs and boosting efficiency. Many new adopters have found that to get their Process Mining implementations “right first time, every time,” they need to choose their implementation partner with great care — to ensure they bring precisely the right mix of abilities and strengths to the table.

With the right partner, your organisation’s road to Process Mining success will be smooth and relatively quick, rather than bumpy and prolonged. Your chosen partner’s skills mix will be crucial for providing the necessary guidance, technology, and support throughout the implementation journey.

So what should you look for in a Process Mining partner? In our view, six key points:

1. Their experience and expertise in Process Mining

First and foremost, experience makes all the difference. Look for a proven track record and a history of successful Process Mining deployments. (Some might say that’s a no-brainer — but the industry is filled with deployments that have gone sideways because track record was overlooked in favour of flashy tech or an overconfident implementation timeline!)

Expertise — the depth and breadth of their Process Mining knowledge — is another critical success factor. Your implementation partner’s knowledge of industry best practices, together with their understanding of the underlying concepts, algorithms, and methodologies, will help ensure accurate process discovery, analysis, and improvement recommendations.

2. Their focus on your business goals and outcomes

A critical success factor is a partner with a razor-sharp focus on the business issues underlying your proposed Process Mining initiative, and the value it will bring to your organisation. Your partner needs to have an approach that takes the time to fully ‘get’ your organisation’s objectives and to work closely with your stakeholders to align the effort with their goals and issues. From this focus will come the ability to translate process insights into actionable recommendations.

Your partner needs to have an approach that takes the time to fully ‘get’ your organisation’s objectives…

This is a vital partner asset: seek it out and lock it in! Thinking beyond the tech and the build through to what your organisation will do with it, and achieve with it, in terms of your business goals and outcomes, is going to be central to maximising the gain from your Process Mining activity.

3. Their technology capabilities

Your partner’s technological capabilities will play a significant role in a successful Process Mining implementation.

Are they locked into one specific Process Mining platform? How powerful and how versatile is it? Ideally, they should be platform-independent, able to specify and implement from a range of Process Mining solutions rather than favouring a potential force-fit based on ‘one size fits all’.

So look for a partner offering a broad-and-deep Process Mining platform that’s capable of handling large volumes of data and supporting a wide range of data formats. The platform should provide advanced data visualisation and analysis tools, process discovery algorithms and predictive modelling capabilities. And keep an eye out for features like process conformance checking, root cause analysis, and performance monitoring — all potentially invaluable in delivering a robust solution.

4. Their integration and customisation capabilities

An effective Process Mining implementation requires tight and robust integration with existing systems and data sources, such as ERP systems, databases, and workflow management tools. Your chosen partner should be exceptionally capable in this area, to deliver quick and seamless connectivity with key data repositories with minimum disruption to the organisation’s routine activity.

Strongly related to integration is customisation capability. Every organisation has unique processes and operational elements, so the ability to take customisations in their stride is a crucial factor in partner selection. This is essential for end-to-end Process Mining solutions and for the actionable relevance of the output from Process Mining tools.

5. Their approach to scalability

Often, a Process Mining solution which might work just great today starts to become creaky and obstructive a relatively short while later. “The only constant is change,” after all! So it’s important that your Process Mining partner can look way over the horizon, calling upon their experience, and equip you to deal with the increasing data volumes, process complexity, infrastructure changes and user demands that are inevitably coming down the pipeline. Scalability guarantees that your Process Mining implementation remains effective and relevant in the long run, accelerating your organisation’s continuous-improvement efforts rather than acting as a brake.

6. Their change management and support services

With Process Mining implementations, technology and build is just the beginning: it also calls for a change in mindset and a cultural shift within your organisation. So you should look to your Process Mining implementation partner to offer strong change management support, to help you navigate the organisational challenges leading up to the roll-out and ensuring widespread adoption of the solution.

On tap should be training programs, workshops, and ongoing support to help users understand and embrace the technology. Additionally, look for a partner who offers prompt technical support and maintenance services to address any issues that may arise during implementation or ongoing usage, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation.

So why work with Armaxon?

Choosing the right partner for your Process Mining implementation is clearly a key decision which can make a world of difference to the outcome of your initiative. We’d appreciate the opportunity to show you how we can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

  • The Process Mining experience and expertise we bring to the table is formidable. We work with nearly all of the top Process Mining platforms, and have been doing so for over five years. So we’re well qualified to work with the platform you’ve chosen or to provide impartial advice on which platform would be best for you.
  • Our proficiency in data engineering and data science, spread across over thirty certified Process Mining consultants, gives us the experience and the resource bandwidth to guide your organisation through a successful implementation.
  • And we remain steadfast in our focus on your business goals and outcomes, rather than just the delivery of a solution. We take the time to fully understand your organisation’s objectives, and will work closely with your stakeholders to align our efforts. Our experienced consultants have a strong business-oriented mindset, allowing us to translate process insights into actionable recommendations. By partnering with Armaxon, you can trust that we will be dedicated to achieving tangible results and driving meaningful change within your organisation.

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