Let us do the spadework

The expertise you need to get your Process Mining initiative completed quickly and with certainty.

From our main service delivery centres in the UK, Poland, Hungary and Serbia we're ready to deliver Process Mining expertise anywhere across the globe.

Our Process Mining consultants are experienced practitioners in:

  • Process analysis
  • Data engineering
  • Process mining platform configuration
  • Complex data ingestion and pre-processing
  • Process reengineering.

Their knowledge in process automation, case management and BI is unparalleled, and they have delivered solid outcomes in:

  • O2C
  • P2P
  • Onboarding
  • Customer Journey
  • Order Picking
  • Accounts Payable
  • HR
  • ITSM
  • IT development
  • Accounting

… and many other functions.

Certainty, not chance

We use our Process Mining experience to de-risk your investment.

If you know exactly which business functions and processes you want to explore and optimise, great! If not, our consultants will de-risk your effort in two separate ways to ensure that the activity will yield the results you seek.

Proof of Value

With Proof of Value, we commit to deliver a fully functional process mining solution, the scope of which has been agreed up front, within 8-12 weeks, without you having to commit to purchasing process mining platform licences until you're happy with the outcome.

Process Passport

The unique Process Passport step in our methodology means that we can use 'look-ahead', forecasting the impact of the Process Mining project in just a few days, before it really gets under way. Moreover, you can get our in-depth Process Mining experience working for you up front: just give us two 2-hour meetings and we'll tell you whether the processes you have in mind are likely to yield the right rewards for your investment and effort.

We keep good company

We work with the top Process Mining software platforms in the business.

There are multiple, complex choices to make when selecting a Process Mining platform or Execution Management System. Armaxon's consultants have on-the-ground experience with most of the leading offerings in the Process Mining space, with a clear-headed appreciation of the strengths and opportunities inherent in each. Whether you've already chosen your enterprise's Process Mining platform or are looking for steering on the right choice for you, just talk to us.