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Armaxon and VSOptima partner to drive digital twin implementation for operations excellence

For immediate release: Sioux Falls, SD, US, 7th August 2023

Armaxon, a leading Process Intelligence and Task Mining consulting firm, and VSOptima, the innovative B2B SaaS operations digital twin platform, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership revolutionizing operations excellence through digital twin implementation.

The partnership between Armaxon and VSOptima will pave the way for Armaxon to become the premier solution provider for operations digital twin implementation, leveraging VSOptima’s state-of-the-art platform.

Armaxon has established itself as a trusted provider of Process Mining, Business Process Optimization, and Data Engineering Consultancy catering to global corporations and large organizations. With a highly experienced team of certified Process Mining consultants, Amazon delivers comprehensive solutions to clients worldwide, empowering them to achieve maximum returns on their Process Mining investment.

VSOptima’s operations digital twin platform simplifies operational complexity for organizations, providing real-time, predictive analytics and AI-driven insights for optimal decision-making. By creating digital twins of an entire enterprise’s operations, VSOptima enhances decision intelligence, enabling companies to make informed decisions and improving performance through simulation, advanced analytics, and machine learning technologies.

The synergy between Armaxon and VSOptima unfolds a host of benefits for enterprises:

  • Predictive Analytics: The integration of Armaxon’s Process Mining capabilities with VSOptima’s operations digital twin platform enables enterprises to embrace predictive analytics, avoiding previously unobservable performance issues and saving time and money on the consequences of coupling.
  • Digital Transformation: Through the digital twin, businesses can embrace decision intelligence with advanced analytics and AI-driven simulations to understand the impact of process changes on KPIs.
    AI-Driven Optimization: Implementing digital twins allows businesses to receive prompt recommendations for optimizing operations based on specific business objectives and constraints. This advancement propels organizations towards unprecedented levels of operational efficiency.

The partnership aims to empower organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and achieve operational excellence. By leveraging Armaxon’s Process Mining expertise alongside VSOptima’s operations digital twin platform, clients can unlock untapped potential, drive efficiencies, and align commercial decisions with financial objectives.

Armen Gevorkian, CEO of Armaxon, expresses his excitement about the partnership: ‘We are thrilled to partner with VSOptima to offer our clients a cutting-edge implementation of operations digital twins. Together, we can not only analyze historical data to uncover insights and provide solutions for complex processes, but also create a simulated environment for testing and predicting the effects of changes. The integration of these two concepts leads to a more efficient and effective process optimization and decision-making across various industries. Working in tandem, we are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that assist businesses in optimizing their operations and enhancing their competitive advantage.

Pavel Azaletskiy, Founder and CEO of VSOptima, adds: “The synergy between Armaxon and VSOptima is a game-changer for enterprises seeking to enhance their operational efficiency. This partnership will enable our clients to achieve new levels of process optimization and ultimately drive better business outcomes.”

About Armaxon:

Armaxon is a leading Process Intelligence and Task Mining consulting firm that specializes in Process Mining, Business Process Optimization, Data Engineering, Advanced Analytics, and Salesforce Consultancy. With a global reach, Armaxon delivers full-service solutions to help organizations extract maximum value from their Process Mining investment.
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About VSOptima:

VSOptima is a B2B SaaS operations digital twin platform with unique co-pilot functionality for operations leaders. It empowers businesses to streamline operations complexity, identify inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions through forward-looking analytics and AI-driven simulations.
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